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As from 1058, according to the oldest known document, the lord of Brandes left the churches of Saint-Pierre de La Garde, Saint-Ferréol d’Huez and the chapel of Sainte Marie de Brandes to The Abbey of Oulx, near Turin. Before 1058, these churches were under the control of the Abbey of Saint Chaffre, in the Auvergne region. It seems likely that the churches of Saint-Pierre de La Garde and Saint Ferréol d’Huez were built before the end of the tenth century, to serve as look out posts for the Valley of the Romanche.

Saint-Ferréol which was overseen by the Priory of La Garde, served as the parish church of Huez until 1672. It is not known why the church was abandoned after this period : it is, however, certain that the Great Avalanche of 1749, which killed 40 villagers, has nothing to do with this. By 1606, a new Chapel, Saint Nicolas’, had been built in the village, because of its’ distance from Saint Ferréol. Saint Ferréol continued to be used as the parish church for another 66 years, except during the winter. The bell tower was repaired in 1899 and again in 1959, along with the rest of the church.

The actual parish church, of the village of Huez, Saint Anne’s, was the subject of a debate for several decades: was the church to be repaired and extended, or should it be pulled down and a newer, bigger one be built elsewhere. Even the of 1858, which destroyed almost all of the houses in the village, did not put an end to the debate. The town council closed the debate in 1868, with the decision to build a new church. Building work was completed in 1873. Since this date the church has been repaired twice; the first time in 1925, the roofing slates were replaced by roof leading, the second time, the windows were replaced.

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